Helping a new smart watch brand launch into the market with an immersive online experience that raised over £200,000 in orders.

The Mission

I worked closely with the team at Red Hot Penny to help Vector Watch with the online launch of their highly anticipated wearable. Their combination of iconic design and essential technology has made them a major player in the smartwatch world.


The Process


My role involved art directing the launch of an e-commerce store. The work I produced set the tone for the production of photography and the 3D renders required to showcase their collection. My work also involved the production of the overall user experience and responsive design for the website, producing wireframes and high fidelity mockups of each page template and component.


The Result


The result was a hugely successful launch with Vector Watch receiving over £200,000 in online orders. Vector Watch is now being stocked by many high street retailers such as John Lewis.


A breakdown of what I did

Designing. Advising. Wireframing. Directing. Testing.

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