For 3 years I ran a successful a micro-agency in the heart of Brighton, operating out of a refurbished shipping container.

The Mission

Back in the day at University I always dreamed of having my own design company. My own physical studio, where clients would come, imaginations would run and great things would be created. Roughtype was the culmination of several attempts to live this dream.

Roughtype initially started out as a creative collective, formed of designers and developers that could come together to win projects and work on them together. It didn’t really pan out for multiple reasons. But I kept the name and used it as a pseudonym for my freelance work.

After a brief period of setting up and running an agency with a mate, Roughtype grew from just a name I worked under to a micro-agency.


The Solution


What changed was when I finally got my own physical studio space. A simple little refurbished shipping container, in the centre of Brighton. Having a real space, made the business I was running appear more real for my potential clients. 

Roughtype carved out a niche for itself, offering beautifully simple digital design. We provided the wireframes, art direction and design framework for a variety of digital products, which were mainly websites and apps.

I was also able to bring on board a junior designer to help with the work load. This helped reassure clients we could keep up with the demand and deliver on our promises.


The Result


Roughtype, through its many incarnations, was an amazing experience. We provided an immense amount of value and support for over 80 clients, both locally and internationally. It gave me personally, a huge amount of experience of working with a highly diverse range of businesses. From large corporations and advertising agencies through to small retailers and startups.

It was a demanding and creatively challenging business, requiring constant problem solving and negotiating to ensure projects ran smoothly and stayed on budget.


A breakdown of what I did

Designing. Writing. Advising. Marketing. Wireframing. Naming. Consulting. Branding. Directing. Reviewing. Managing. Training.

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