In 2015 I was the co-founder of the highly successful money app, Pennies. A super simple budgeting app that has gone on to help over 250,000 people around the world.

The Mission

Pennies was created by two mates back in 2014. We set out to solve an everyday problem suffered by everyday people — to kerb their spending habits and save them some pennies along the way.


The Solution


My role as co-founder saw me lead the creative direction and user experience of the app, as well as creating the visual language and overall brand direction.

As the creative director of the app, it was also my responsibility to not only create a solid and usable design but to build a solid marketing strategy that would gain hype prior to launch.

The success of these two aspects of my role saw the app receive critical acclaim for its bold yet simplistic approach to managing personal finance with its fun, intuitive design and overall app experience.


The Result


Within just a few weeks of launching, Pennies became the number 1 finance app on the App Store and has since been featured by WIRED, Time and on multiple occasions, Apple themselves.

Pennies continues to be a huge success, helping thousands of new users to look after their money in a fun and satisfying way. It’s also been awarded Editors Choice by Apple as well as being voted one the best apps of 2015.


A breakdown of what I did

Designing. Writing. Marketing. Naming. Branding. Directing. 

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