MindJournal is a personal mission of mine to get more guys keeping a journal. It's led to over £40,000 being raised on Kickstarter and has inspired thousands of guys to take action on their wellbeing and happiness.

The Mission

The mission was to bring back therapeutic journaling for men. I wanted to change the way guys look at their wellbeing and mental fitness.

I’ve dealt with a fair few troubling and emotionally scarring situations via a journal. And it’s helped changed my life. My mission was to express my story and the power of journaling for other guys.

Suicide in men is a growing concern across the globe. Most men feel ashamed when they’re struggling with their health, physically or mentally. I took it upon myself to share my own vulnerabilities to reassure guys that it’s important to look after yourself. And that journaling is a good way to start.


The Solution


The solution was to build a powerful, compelling brand and product, that used my own story as a catalyst to inspire a change in behaviour.

Since I wanted to get guys to actively keep a journal I knew that the journal itself was an area that needed improvement. Blank journals are incredibly tough to use. There’s a huge lack of guidance on how to journal. So, I wanted to create a journal that helped guys actually use one.

After several months of research, design, writing and testing I created a solid writing programme that would help guys unlock their thoughts and emotions. And then put this stuff down on paper.

Quality was just as important too. I wanted guys to value what they were committing to. I wanted them to cherish and look after their journals, in the hope that this might reflect in them looking after themselves a bit better.

The outcome was a luxurious, Italian made journal filled with a 30 step writing programme. This programme would get guys to ask themselves some tough questions and make some life-changing realisations.


The Result


MindJournal launched on Kickstarter on February 29th, 2016. And within 72 hours it reached its funding goal of £17,500. Guys from around the world had been moved by the mission. A movement was born.

It picked up media coverage by some of the highest ranked online men’s magazines in the US, such as Gear Patrol and Uncrate. News outlets also ran stories on it including The Telegraph, LadBible and Huffington Post.

By the time the campaign ended, £45,641 was raised in total from 1,403 backers. A resounding success. And proof that guys want to keep a journal. They’d just never found the right one.

MindJournal has grown into something bigger than I’d ever imagined. It’s changed the lives of men from all backgrounds and places. And most recently it’s acquired the attention of one of the UK’s leading publishers.

This is literally just the beginning. And is evidence that by embracing your own vulnerabilities, speaking honestly and building a brand that connects to people's emotions can lead to some profound outcomes.


A breakdown of what I did

Designing. Writing. Crowdfunding. Marketing. Naming. Branding. Directing.

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