Piloting a new lifestyle brand that focused on bringing the joy of cactus collecting to the masses.

The Mission

Noticing a cactus shaped gap in the market, I set about designing and curating a potted cacti brand that could be sent in the post. My main objective was to learn as much as I could about the complexities of creating a physical product.


The Process


I handled every aspect, except the manufacturing of the pots or the growing of the plants. My focus instead was on branding, photography, packaging, e-commerce and marketing. It was a huge learning process and so different to the production of digital products I’d created throughout most of my career.


The Result


The result of my efforts was a highly successful launch. Cactus & Co received recognition from various retailers and media outlets, along with my entire first edition of products selling out within 2 weeks.

Cactus & Co wasn’t without its mistakes. In fact I've written an entire article on it, over on my Stories page.


A breakdown of what I did

Designing. Writing. Marketing. Naming. Branding. Directing. Photography. Packing. Planting. Potting.

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