Brighton & London

Ollie Aplin


Designer, writer, hustler and creator of the global MindJournal movement.


With extensive knowledge of various disciplines gathered from over 10 years in the creative industry, there's no much I can't help out with.

My strongest skill set however is art direction and branding. The combination of these two parts to my practice allow me to produce highly thoughtful brand identities and the platforms and products they'll exist on.

I’ve also made a shed load of connections across the industry and often collaborate with other talented folk such as developers, photographers and illustrators.


I want your company to be the best it can be and I want your customers, visitors and users to have the best possible experience when engaging with you. After working with some of the worlds biggest brands and creative agencies, the strategic business insights I’ve learned along the way are now used in all the work I produce.

Everything I craft is highly considered — every font, colour, pixel and square millimetre of paper. Nothing is designed for the sake of it. There is a reason and a meaning to everything I produce.

I thrive on simplicity. Both in business and creativity. Therefore working with me is highly effective.