Over the years and through a ton of personal experimentation, I’ve found my true passion. And that's to build epic brands that engage and inspire entire tribes of people.

Throughout my career, I've always tried to be as innovative as possible. And question the ordinary. From my early days as a sign writer to becoming a creative entrepreneur, I've rarely done things the normal way.

Most recently I've decided to embark on a personal mission to build a global brand that challenges how guys deal with their mental wellbeing. From a simple idea that packed a big passion punch, I'm now the founder of MindJournal — a leading, men's only journal and soon to be book, that aims to guide guys through the journey of therapeutic journaling.

I could go on about my mad skills in Photoshop. Or my extensive knowledge of fonts or user experience best practices. And even bang on about my OCD for pixel perfect perfection and an unhealthy obsession with paper. But I think the success stories on my projects page effectively showcase my credentials as a creative.

Working with me is a unique experience. I don't think like most people and I love to challenge the what's and the why's.

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