— Short introduction

I’m Ollie Aplin. A British designer with ten years in the game. I’ve worked for agencies, run my own agency and now make things for myself and others.

My main objective is to provide amazingly designed and considered products no matter the brief or the budget. I’m about good work for good people.

— Latest article

Being a millionaire Vs being happy

I'm not a millionaire. But for most of my life, I've aspired to make it to this status. But lately, I've been questioning if it's a really that much of a good goal to have in life.

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— What I do

Designing. Writing. Advising. Marketing. Wireframing. Naming. Consulting. Branding. Directing. Reviewing.

Reviews & Audits

I’ll give you my honest opinion of whatever it is that you’ve created. You’ll recieve a written review, with constructive feedback and suggestions to help take your idea and product to the next level.

Art Direction & User Experience

How something looks and feels is crucial to success. And the two must work together. Make stuff that works, that’s a joy to use and easy on the eyes. Sounds easy. And it is. I’ll show you.

Brand & Content Design

Branding is not just about making a cool logo. It's about making your idea tell a visual story. People buy with their hearts as well as their eyes and wallets. I’ll help you make something they love.

Strategy & Consultation

Sometimes less doing and more thinking wins the race. But with thoughts, comes multiple options and the finishing line gets blurry. I’ll help keep you focused and provide support along the way.